katy shameCH.89: If you were to categorize or describe the style of your artwork, what would it be and why?

KS: I would describe my work as dreamy feminine surrealism…or a gesture towards self-portraiture through portraiture.

CH.89: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

KS: Oh all over! Music more than anything, and I love a good film where the imagery and music collide to take you to a special place. I love going to art museums and looking at paintings too.

CH.89: Can you talk a little bit about what your creative thought process is like when starting a new project/ piece of artwork?

KS: Usually I am inspired by something, maybe a song that conjures imagery in my mind or a film with a poignant feeling that moves me to make something as a response. I will go through magazines if I feel like doing something fashion-based, or to get my mind churning to try a new route and experiment with mediums. Then I will contact my subject, usually someone I have in mind for the project and after shooting I will sometimes go in a very different direction than I what started in!

CH.89: Is there anything in particular that you would want people to take from your artwork?

KS: I would like it if people felt how I feel looking at other people’s inspiring work. I would love to give someone a peek into another world I experience in my head, my filter and inspire them to make something too, or get them excited about living and experiencing and making.

CH.89: Can you talk a little bit about your lifestyle as an artist and what that is like?

KS: I live in a cozy little apartment in Austin,Texas. I wake up with my boyfriend and after coffee I go to my day job where I make imagery for social media and the website selling designer goods. At first I felt uninspired shooting product, but it is challenging and pushes me to make the art I want on my own time as dark/creepy/mysterious/as ME as I want. Then I go home and drink coffee and listen to music and burn incense/a candle and scan negatives or work on images already taken, or start plotting new artistic adventures! I spend a lot of time working. Sometimes I go to the bookstore to look through magazines/art books, but mostly I just work at home on current pieces/projects.

CH.89: When starting out an artistic task, do you think it is better to have a particular direction/set plan guiding your way? Or, is it better to act on impulse and go from there?

KS: I think impulse leads me to great exploration, but without at least the semblance of a plan, often work will not happen. I love having a direction, but it deviates and the results are always a little different. Very few times I came out with exactly what I had planned. I was taught in school to make what I was planning, but life is not that way and I do not think art has to be that way either.

CH.89: What is one major lesson you’ve learned as an artist thus far?

KS: Do not stop making art, and submit to anything you can! An artist taught me that, and I have followed his advice. Always keep going, and make life’s struggles push you to create instead of stagnate. Be proud you sent your work to a magazine/gallery/anywhere as it takes courage to put yourself out there even if there is a “no” in reply.

CH.89: Do you regard personal style & taste to be of highest importance?

KS: Hmmmm… I think some people have a strong sense of taste and style, or are interested in such things. I think it is safe to say that those interested in the aesthetics of visual art are also concerned with their own visual surroundings, whether it be their own person or their art studio or home or where they live. Some more than others. I love style in many different forms and approaches. I think it is more important to do what feels best for the individual, and what makes an environment most pleasing to create in. I do not think it is of highest importance as a rule though.

CH.89: What do you consider to be the hardest thing about being an artist?

KS: It can be hard to make money of course, and you may find yourself making work that complies with another’s view to please your client and get payed. I would never defy my own ethical limits, but I have made imagery for clients I would not have made on my own. That can be difficult, but the money can go towards my tools and time to make what I want.

CH.89: What is one thing you love about being an artist?

KS: I just love making beautiful imagery. I get to wake up and do what I love almost all day. What a lovely way to live.

CH.89: Is there anyone in particular, any artist’s that inspire you in any way?

KS: I love David Lynch. He is such a positive role model for artists. He is a humble,wise, and brilliant soul that I feel lucky to have experienced through interviews and his visual/audio works. He allows us to enter his world, and pushes us to create without the act of being aloof or better than anyone else.

CH.89: What do you think of technology in terms of being a useful tool for artists today?

KS: I use photoshop, my computer, ipads, iphones,flat bed scanner! All kinds of technology allows us to make imagery. I think the sky is the limit as far as tools, but it can be tricky with so many options. You have to know what you want, and use it but not get weighed down by all the options. I still think less is more in the way of digitally enhancing/editing or airbrushing (especially in fashion)

CH.89: Do you think being an artist allows you to view the world differently from those who don’t follow creative paths?

KS: I think everyone is an artist to some degree. I do not set myself apart from others because I am an artist, but because I am me. We all have a unique take on life, and different experiences whittle us.

CH.89: Do you enjoy traveling? If so, do you have a favorite city?

KS: I LOVE to travel. I have been to Paris twice and would love to go again,again,again. Such a magical place that speaks to me.

CH.89: Do you have a favorite author or book?

KS: I love Wuthering Heights but it is so tragic! I love Sylvia Plath’s poetry. I carry a small Animal Poems book everywhere. My favorite poem is “The Mongrel” by Thomas Hardy.

CH.89: Any future goals or plans for your artwork?

KS: Right now I am just happy to make work when I can, but I would love to be more independent and shoot more as a free lancer in the future. I am interested in advertising, and I love working with bands to make album artwork. I would love to make more vinyl artwork, and work with designers on ad imagery for editorial ad campaigns.

CH.89: What does being an artist mean to you?

KS: Being an artist means expressing myself through the making of imagery. I would love to work with music too in the future and the moving image.

CH.89: Any last words on the aesthetic of your artwork?

KS: I just love pink, and fish scales,florals, dust, the metaphysical, and horror. Life is short and I want to be happy most of it. Making art makes me happy.



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